Tech Support

Welcome to Off Grid Technical Support

Having a problem with your standalone power system? You’ve come to the right place.


Here’s how to get a quick answer to your question:

  1. I purchased the system from The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd - All we need is you name and address this will tells us the exact make and model of your components, the repair history, warranty availability and all the associated part numbers.


  1. I have an old system not purchased from The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd – we need all the information you can provide - exact make and model of your components or photos of every component – A fee may apply to systems not sold or serviced by The Off Grid Company


  • Description of the fault
  • Time of day
  • Temperature
  • Load on the system at the time


Our experienced technicians will determine how your issue will be resolved:

  • Repair instructions over the phone
  • Technical information by email
  • Return the part for us to repair
  • Order a replacement part

If they cannot resolve the matter over the phone a site visit will be required and any performed will be charged at an hourly rate.


Call - 1300 379 579 

Email - Tech at