Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy

The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd (ABN 53 200 137 050) understands the importance of protecting your right to privacy of your personal information. We have policies and appropriate procedures in place to ensure that all personal information, no matter how or where it is obtained, is handled sensitively, securely, and as required by the law. We are committed to adhering to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), which set clear standards for the collection, access, storage and use of personal information, which may be obtained as part of our business operations.

What personal information do we collect and store?

When used in this policy, “personal information” has the meaning as outlined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Personal information generally includes any information that can be used to personally identify you to provide goods and services to you.

  • name
  • residential or business address including post codes
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • age and date of birth
  • gender
  • proof of identity, such as drivers licence or passport
  • signature
  • social media information obtained via our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts
  • a photograph, image or sound recording of you collected via CCTV surveillance if you visit our stores; or
  • employment history, eligibility status to work in Australia, referee details, and information provided by your referees, whom you have authorised us to contact.


Other Information

Online Services

We commonly use online services such as websites, for example,, Electronic Digital Marketing (EDMs), and social media profiles for the purposes of providing information and services to individuals. Technologies that may be used by us include cookies, web beacons, Flash local stored objects and JavaScript. These technologies are used consistently across various services, allowing us to better understand you and provide a more consistent experience across these services.

When you interact with The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd Online Services, other information which may be recorded includes software versions you are using, your IP address, information regarding location (if this is not disabled), dates, times, file metadata, data which you have entered and user activity such as links you have visited.

The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd Online Services are operated by us, and by other companies authorised by us to deliver a reliable experience, and to enable you to have a unique experience when using our services and provide direct marketing.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that we keep our Privacy Policy updated to keep you informed of any changes we may adopt regarding how we deal with your personal information. We recommend that you visit our Privacy Policy from time to time when using our The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd Online Services, to keep up to date with any changes.


When you browse websites maintained by The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd Online Services, information about your activity may be stored on your computer in a file known as a “cookie”. A cookie allows our servers to identify and interact more efficiently with your computer device by

  • maintaining the continuity of your browsing session (e.g. if you are looking at multiple products on our website); and
  • Remembering your details and preferences when you return.

Our cookies do not store personal information that can be retrieved to identify you.

You can configure your web browser to reject and delete cookies and block JavaScript, however, this will limit your ability to interact with The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd Online Services.

You can also control your activity preferences regarding Adobe Flash, local shared objects (LSOs). You can find out more here.


Why do we need to collect your personal information?

The personal information that we ask for is generally used to provide goods or services to you, or to enable you to participate in our business activities, including:

  • creating and fulfilling orders, including pre-orders, Click & Collect orders, home deliveries, providing you with order status updates, transaction records, agreements for the sale of goods or services and tax invoices
  • fulfilling our obligations to you for the goods and services that you have purchased or requested from us
  • complying with any applicable laws, regulations and directions given by regulators or government authorities
  • providing your personal information to third parties who assist us in providing goods and services you have requested, such as third-party service providers
  • advising you of new goods and services, including for marketing and re-marketing purposes
  • enabling you to take part in competitions and promotions and notifying you about competition results and special offers, which might interest you
  • communicating and responding to questions and complaints raised and to provide you with information or advice
  • administering marketing, budgeting, fraud and loss prevention activities, procurement & development of goods and services to continually bring you the best goods and services that can be provided by The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd
  • assessing your suitability for a role you are applying for, if you are a seeking employment, we collect information to assist with the recruitment and selection process.


Who do we disclose your personal information to?

To provide you with superior goods and services, we may need to disclose your personal information to third parties. As such your personal information may need to be disclosed to:

  • our employees, contractors or service providers
  • internet and mobile service providers that you have requested
  • IT systems administrators, mailing houses, couriers, and payment gateway providers
  • business advisors such as accountants, auditors, lawyers or other professional service providers
  • suppliers
  • employment agencies where your job application has not come directly via The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd to assist with the assessment of you application
  • relating to law enforcement activities to any person authorised by such law from police services, ambulance services, government departments, regulators or authorities; and/or
  • other third parties with whom we have commercial relationships, for business, marketing and related purposes.

The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd takes measures to ensure your personal information is protected from unauthorised access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration. We also take measures to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information when it is no longer required. The types of measures we take vary with the type of information, and how it is collected and stored.

You have the right to tell us that you do not want us to send information to you other than for the main purpose for which we have collected your personal details and we will not share, sell, or disclose your information other than as described in this Privacy Policy.

Where possible, we try to ensure that our disclosure of information to other organisations (for example market researchers, and others with whom we have commercial arrangements) are in a way which does not personally identify individuals.

Under the APP, it is our duty to inform you about our disclosure of personal information to any overseas third parties and service providers to provide you with goods and services that you have purchased or requested from us.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that all third parties and service providers do not breach the APPs relating to the personal information you have provided.


If we are unable to collect your personal information

  • Generally, you have no obligation to provide any information requested by us. If you choose to withhold requested information we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services that depend on the collection of that information, particularly if the collection of that information is required by law;
  • we may be unable to contact you to provide information about goods and services that you have purchased or requested from us;
  • we may be unable to tailor the content of our marketing communications and thereby impacting your experience when shopping with us;
  • you may experience delays or inefficiencies when interacting with us as we do not have all the relevant information at hand; or
  • if you are seeking employment with The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd, we may not be able to process your application.


Access to and correction of your personal information

We will provide you with access to any of your personal information we hold (except in the limited circumstances recognised by privacy law). We will also provide you with an opportunity to correct any of your personal information that we hold. If you require access to, or if you need to correct details of your personal information, please email admin at

To help us to properly identify you, we will require some proof of identity. For most requests, your information will be provided free of charge, however we may charge a reasonable fee if your request requires a substantial effort on our part.

If you need to update your information (eg. if you change your address), please contact The Off Grid Company Pty Ltd with that information so we can make the change.


If you would like to make a complaint about the way your personal information has been handled, or if you think that we have breached our obligations under the APP, you may direct your concern to the Privacy Officer by emailing admin at

Our Privacy Officer will endeavour to resolve your complaint within a timely manner, and deal with your complaint as follows:

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we will advise you to make further inquiries, or make a complaint directly with the Privacy Commissioner.

More information about Privacy law and the APP is available from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at