Welcome to the Off Grid Company

We are committed to providing the highest quality residential off grid power systems. We hope to empower individuals, communities and businesses with opportunities to contribute to a sustainable future and clean energy economy.

We are committed to ensuring that all our customers are well taken care of and receive the individual and personal attention they deserve. The relationships we build with our customers are of the utmost importance to us and do not end after the sale.


The Off Grid Company use only quality products and will provide:

  • The best possible product for your application
  • Advice you can trust
  • A system that is not only designed to outperform but outlast the rest

3 things your Standalone Power System should be:

  • Reliable day and night
  • Serviceable not disposable
  • Flexible, so it can grow with your needs

Give us a call to arrange a no obligation, FREE QUOTE and get the right off-grid solution for your needs and location.


Experts in Off Grid Power Systems

With experience in new and old off grid solar systems from North Queensland to Tasmania, we know what works. Regardless of your location, The Off Grid Company can easily get off grid solar power to your Tiny Home, small acreage block, shed, large property or commercial building. We specialize in the best off-grid power systems and use technology that best suits your application, whether it be Lithium, Nickel Iron, Nano-carbon or the traditional and reliable lead acid battery storage solutions.

We stock a large range of superior products from the world leading brands, so we can offer you the highest quality and most affordable off grid solar systems to suits your needs. We specialise in battery based solar systems so you can get the best standalone solar power system and off grid solution.

If you don’t have access to the electricity grid or the connection cost is too high, then one of our off grid solar systems is the perfect solution to power your home year-round. With modern advances, our off grid solar systems are designed to support your current lifestyle, without sacrificing any of the modern-day comforts and the enables you to monitor your system from any location.

The Off Grid Company provides support 7 days a week, should you have any questions regarding your system.